We are a coffee shop for adults. Inside, we offer an artistic retail boutique & education space.

Announced in 2016, MoonFyre Cafe has been working toward a place to call home. And we are so excited! 


Our Mission

We believe that human beings have a fire inside. And for many, that fire fuels sexuality, creativity, passion, acceptance, and love. Here at MoonFyre, our mission is to create a sacred and safe space for people to learn and to experience through meetups, professional education classes, and retail of such quality and beauty that you can't help but take home with you!  We strive to broaden what not only makes us feel sexy, but helps us find the path to what fulfills us....what fuels that fire!

We are not a sex club. We are not a strip club. We are a gallery of beauty & expression. We are a space of education & outreach. We are neighbors. We are kindred spirits. We are people looking to grow our relationships. We are learning how to love. We are learning to embrace who we are & we are here to help create a space for others just like us!  

Your workshops are incredible! I have learned so much and can’t thank you enough for creating an environment where I can literally ask ANYTHING! I wish I’d found you sooner!
— M. Conners, Workshop Review

WOrkshops & events we've offered

  • Polyamory 101: A Workshop for Non-Monogamy Beginners
  • The Art of Plastic Wrap Suspension: A Lew Rubens Exclusive Event
  • Practical Protocol: An Advanced Power Exchange Intensive Workshop
  • So You Think You're Kinky: An Introduction to Exploring Kink
  • Recovery & Sexuality Support Meetings
  • Dominant & Submissive Support Groups
  • Pets & Littles Play Day - A Day For Your Inner Child & Outer Pet!
  • I Love You, I Want You, I Need You: An Intro to Power Exchange Dynamics
  • Adult Prom! An adult dance & play party for the things you wish prom had been!!
  • Leather Love 101: How to care for boots, shoes, gear & more