Pets & Littles Play Day - (May 28th)

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Pets & Littles Play Day - (May 28th)

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*** May 28th - 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM ***

We are proud to announce that after the HUGE success of our Little & Pets Parties, we will be holding it MONTHLY and we are hosting in a NEW VENUE!!  But location isn't the only improvement! A fresh, clean space complete with hardwood floors, a loft area, DOUBLE the allowed occupancy for our guests (with multiple exits), privacy curtains, a great sound system, fenced outdoor smoking area and so much more room for us to play! 

Play Day is proudly hosted by LilTai and is offered for adult littles and pets of all gender & pet identities! 

We have incredible sponsors including Donut Byte Labs, (recently named the #9 best doughnuts in America) and AB Universe

Our Play Day comes complete with:

  • A fully equipped Lego play area
  • Cuddle puddle spots on 3 new matresses (so bring a blankie and pillow!)
  • Fully equipped changing table with diapers from AB Universe!
  • A table full of snacks, treats, goodies and cookies!! 

Handlers and Bigs are welcome to attend with their partners! Single attendees are absolutely welcome, too!

NOTE: THIS IS A NON-SEXUAL, NON-IMPACT PLAY EVENT in order to help facilitate an environment safe for little and pet play headspaces. 


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What to bring?

  • Your ID! A valid ID is required at the door proving you are over the age of 18
  • A blanket and pillow to cuddle! Toys to share! 
  • A water bottle! Don't worry, we provide water and cups, but we encourage guests to help us reduce our cup waste by bringing a water bottle! 


  • 18+ Adult Only Event
  • Address: 9201 SE Foster, Portland, Oregon (corner of 92nd and Foster)
  • Parking is on the street. DO NOT use the parking lot near the building as you may be towed
  • Hours: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • This is an LGBTQ Safe Space. All gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome.
  • Consent is MANDATORY. Non-consensual contact will not be permitted. Violators will be removed immediately.
  • For everyone's privacy, cameras, video recordings or cell phones are not permitted in the space. Please refrain from use unless you are outside the space.