Mistress Pixie Fyre is the Owner and Founder of the well known House of Fyre based in Portland, Oregon. After over a decade of work as a Victim's Advocate, her skills as an educator and speaker have become as well known as her House. When not hosting Fetish Events or teaching workshops, she proudly and openly shares her experiences and skills with her local community commonly focused on Protocol and “newbie” training for those new to the BDSM lifestyle.

Mistress Pixie provides an abundance of resources to those around her and believes in making her community stronger through education and advocacy. Her passion for BDSM, pet play and Power Exchange relationships are as dynamic as her interactive classes and she prides herself in her Community work. While often called "Hell in High Heels," she embodies laughter and joy not often found in FemDommes.

She hosts a monthly workshop each month, which can be found in our Online Store and has been a welcomed presenter for the Portland Leather Alliance, KinkFest, the BDSM Writer's Convention, the PDX League of Gentleman, International Puppy Contest and many more. 



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Protocol Training
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