Advocates and educators, the members of the House of Fyre sponsor community events, teach workshops and have been featured at events and conventions across the country. As a Professional Dominatrix and full-time Lifestyle Domme, Pixie brings a level of skill and elegance that is redefining the BDSM community for Portland and beyond. 

From the basics of spanking and bondage to the grace of Pony and Puppy Play, the House of Fyre holds a broad spectrum of talent and knowledge coupled with a passion for education. As they continue to share that knowledge with BDSM enthusiasts new and experienced, they demonstrate what it means to be....

                ............fierce like Fyre.


Mistress Pixie Fyre


Beautiful, smart, commanding and wonderfully sadistic. Mistress Pixie Fyre is the Founder of the House of Fyre and a well-respected Domme in the Portland, Oregon community. She is bringing a new level of elegance to the BDSM world one pair of heels at a time!

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Our newest venture, MoonFyre Cafe, is Portland's first kinky cafe, Education Center and Play Space. Currently under construction, we have made a TON of progress! Check our page for more information on upcoming fundraisers, events and workshops available for you.

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